Popup Maker Admin Overview

Upon activating Popup Maker, you will see a new "Popup Maker" menu within your WordPress Admin area that contains a variety of pages.

All Popups

This page displays all of the popups that have been created as well as the option to add new popups.

Popup Themes

This page allows you to create or edit any of your popup themes. Popup Maker includes several preinstalled popup themes, any of which can be customized to your preferences. Alternatively, you can add your own themes by clicking the "Add New Popup Theme" button.


When using Popup Maker's built-in subscription forms, your subscribers will appear on this page.


The Extend page displays Popup Maker's premium features, form plugins Popup Maker has direct integrations with, as well as other recommended plugins.


The Settings page contains a variety of options and configurations that will apply to all of your plugins.


The Tools page contains several helpful tabs such as "System Info" and "Error Log" that can help identify causes of issues with your popups.

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