How to Get GenerateBlocks to Work In a Popup

If your GenerateBlocks blocks aren't showing up or they don't look right in your popup, this guide will show you how to fix that.

Here's a quick demo of the problem.

  1. First, we see our popup content in the Blocks editor, and it looks good.
  2. But when the popup displays, the heading, button, and query loop don't look right.
  3. We turn on our code snippet that fixes the problem (details below).
  4. After we reload the popup, the headings, button, and query loop all work great!

Popup Maker popups get inserted (loaded) at the bottom of posts and pages. This is generally how popups, modals, and slide-ins work. That's because popups need to be "off-screen" until they're triggered to show up.

GenerateBlocks Only Looks in the Main Content Body #

Here's the kicker. GenerateBlocks won't see anything outside of the standard post/page area by default. That means GenerateBlocks will not know if you have GenerateBlocks in a popup. That's why your popup looks broken.

Luckily the GenerateBlocks team developed a hook for special cases like popups. This hook is a WordPress filter that tells GenerateBlocks about content outside the normal area.

I used the documented GenerateBlocks fix and tweaked it for my specific popup. It works like a charm. Here's the exact snippet I'm using on my site.

 * This solution should be the accepted answer in this forum thread.
add_filter( 'generateblocks_do_content', function( $content ) {
    $post_id = 467; // Change to your Popup Maker popup ID

    if ( has_blocks( $post_id ) ) {
        $block_element = get_post( $post_id );

	// Where 'popup' is the custom post type for Popup Maker popups.
	// The original text from the GenerateBlocks doc is 'your_post_type'
        if ( ! $block_element || 'popup' !== $block_element->post_type ) {
            return $content;

        if ( 'publish' !== $block_element->post_status || ! empty( $block_element->post_password ) ) {
            return $content;

        $content .= $block_element->post_content;

    return $content;
} );

See the original source

Please change the popup ID number in that example to your popup ID number. That should be the only change you need.


Don't know how to add a PHP snippet? Check out our guide

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