BuddyPress Conditions

Get the ultimate set of Conditions using our  Advanced Targeting Conditions Extension. Learn about all of the settings and features of these Conditions in our Advanced Targeting Conditions Doc.

BuddyPress Conditions

Upon installing and activating BuddyPress on your site, the following new conditions for BuddyPress will be enabled in the Conditions Pane:

- Is a BuddyPress Page: is_buddypress
- Is User Page: bp_is_user
- Is Group Page: bp_is_group
- Is User Message Page: bp_is_user_messages
- Is Activation Page: bp_is_activation_page
- Is Register Page: bp_is_register_page
- Is Item Admin: bp_is_item_admin
- Is Item Mod: bp_is_item_mod
- Is Directory: bp_is_directory
- Is Current Component: bp_is_current_component
- Is Current Action: bp_is_current_action
- Is Action Variable: bp_is_action_variable

You may notice that we didn’t include every condition that BuddyPress offers. We did this because you can target the remaining conditions by using combinations of the conditions available listed above.

For Example: Is User Page AND Is Current Action (edit) would only show up on the profile editing screen.

Extending Conditions

Adding new conditions has become rather easy, so if you would like to see other conditions, you can build your own and even submit a pull request to our public GitHub to have them included in the future!

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