Conditions Introduction

The conditions interface allows you to narrow down who will see your popup and where they will see it.

To learn about all of the Conditions and their functions, check out  Standard Targeting Conditions.

For the ultimate set of Conditions, check out Advanced Targeting Conditions Extension and Advanced Targeting Conditions Docs.

How Conditions Work

Popups have 2 condition modes:

  • Always On: By default and when no conditions are added a popup is available on every page.
  • Conditional: Once any condition has been added it will only show if the conditions are met.

The conditions interface has several key components including:

Condition Selector

The Condition Selector contains all of the conditions available. All public content types are available by default. Check our some of our premium extensions that can add additional conditions, or our documentation & examples to add your own.

Some conditions have additional options such as Posts: With Category which has a field to choose which categories to check for.

Negative Conditions

Additionally conditions can be marked as negative using the (!) button.

Consider this a NOT button. Such as NOT Home Page.

When activated, the button will turn red, andthe popup will check for the opposite of your selected condition.

For instance adding a condition of " NOT (!) Home Page" would show up everywhere except the home page.

AND / OR Grouping

Conditions can also be grouped using AND & OR.

OR Condition Groups

Each OR group, represented by a grey box, must have one condition that is true, for example;

All Pages OR All Posts

The above would show up on any post or page but not archives, indexes or custom post types.

AND Condition Groups

AND conditions will narrow your popups targeting by requiring multiple conditions or condition groups to be true. This is useful to get more specific with your targeting.

Posts With Category: Special AND (!) Posts With Tag: Ignore

The above would only show on blog posts with the Special category but not having the Ignore tag.

Working With Conditions

Adding conditions

To Add your first condition simply choose one from the select box.

Once a condition has been added additional conditions can be added by clicking the AND / OR links.

Converting Conditions

You can change a condition from one type to another, this will require updating any additional condition fields if required.

Removing Conditions

To remove a condition click the (X) icon

Disable on Mobile

You can  disable any of your popups on all mobile devices using the Disable on Mobile Feature found under the Condtions Pane.

Tips & Tricks

The following tips will make conditions easier to understand and manage, letting you take full control over your marketing & popup targeting.

Use the following sentence to make better sense of AND/OR conditions.

I want my popup to appear on a page that is _______ (AND/OR) _________.

If you select AND conditions then each OR group must be have one true condition.

Additionally OR conditions should be considered grouped inside parenthesis ( ) similar to a math problem.

Lets take it a bit further with a more advanced example.

Posts With Category: Product AND ( Posts With Tag: YouTube OR Posts with Format: Video )

Now it targets any post with the Product category and also having either the YouTube tag or the video format.

Extending It Yourself

With Popup Maker v1.4+ adding new conditions is quite easy. With just a few lines of code you can add your own custom conditions, reusable for all of your popups.

Check out the our guide for adding your own conditions.