Are Popups Responsive?

By default, all of our popups are responsive width - they use percentage based widths when displayed. You can also customize your width according to pixels, em, and rem if you choose, although those widths are not responsive.

Responsive Display Options

Non-Responsive Options

When using custom dimensions for your popups, you can choose to use percentage widths or non-responsive width units. There are also a number of other options to further customize the custom width and height of your popup.

Mobile Device Only Popups

You can also create popups for specific devices using our  Advanced Targeting Conditions Extension. This is the best solution if you want your popup to look a certain way on large devices, and a certain way on small devices.

This slide out menu guide is a great example of where we used Advanced Targeting Conditions to accomplish just that.

The basic idea is that the popup looked great on large devices, and not so great on small devices, as you can see in this illustration:

Advanced Targeting Conditions gives us the ability to to keep the popup the same on large devices, and make the necessary adjustments for small devices without affecting our large device popup.