Are Popups Responsive?

By default, all of our popups are set to size responsively within the browser. Popup sizes use percentage-based widths when displayed. Popup widths can also be set to use a non-responsive width in units of pixels ( px ), em, or rem..

Responsive Display Options

Non-Responsive Options

When using custom dimensions for your popups, select either percentage widths or non-responsive width units (px, em, or rem). Several additional options are available to customize the width and height of your popup.

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Mobile Device Only Popups

To display a popup only on a mobile or tablet device ( and prevent it's display on a desktop screen ) requires the installation of the Advanced Targeting Conditions plugin extension to Popup Maker

The Advanced Targeting Conditions plugin extension also allows one to create popups targeted specifically for mobile-sized devices.

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A popup menu can look great on a desktop screen, while it appears cramped and undersized on a mobile device as shown below.

Advanced Targeting Conditions provides the ability to resize and display a popup effectively on both a small and a large-sized screen.

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