Popup Analytics Introduction

Popups Home Screen

After you install and activate the Popup Analytics Extension, your Popups Home Screen will have several statistical columns added. These statistical columns are: Opened, Average Time Open, Conversions, Average Conversion Time, and Conversion Rate.

Each popup has it's own row and each column will have a value based on the performance of that particular popup.


The Opened column represents how many times your popup has been opened.

Average Time Open

The Average Time Opened column tells you how long your popup is opened by each user that views your popup, on average.


The Conversions column displays the amount of conversions for each of your popups.

Average Conversion Time

This column displays the average amount of time that it has taken for your popups to achieve the conversions.

Conversion Rate

This column displays your conversion rate percentage.

Analytics & Stats Pane in the Popup Editor

The Popup Analytics Extension also adds a Stats Pane in the Popup Editor, as we see in the screenshot to the right. This pane is always located on the right side of the Popup Editor.

Views Section

In the Views Section, you can review general stats, including: Count, Average Time Open, and Last View.

Conversions Section

In the Conversions Section, you can review conversion stats, such as: Count, Conversion Rate, and Average Time (to convert).

Data Reset

You can choose to reset your popup analytics data if need be. Simply check the Reset Data box, and Update your popup. Once you click update, all of the analytics data will reset, and the Reset Data box will automatically become unchecked.

Conversion Settings Pane in the Popup Editor

Setting Up Conversions

Depending on your popup setup, you may want to have conversions count differently from case to case. You can set what counts as a conversion differently for each one of your popups. The Conversions Settings Pane is located below the WYSIWIG Content Editor in the Popup Editor.

There are four different Conversion Settings: None/Auto, Form Submit, Button Click, and Link Click.


If you are using one of our supported form plugins, then simply choose the None/Auto Convert On Setting. Which form plugins are supported by Popup Maker?

Form Submit

If you're concerned about your form and it's submissions being counted as conversions, you can choose the Form Submit Setting, which will count conversions whenever a user clicks the submit button of your form, no matter how you've created your form.

Button Click

You can use the Convert On Button Click Setting to count conversions any time a user clicks any buttons inside your popup. Keep in mind, this is for the <button> HTML element, and will only count conversions for such an element.

Link Click

The Convert On Link Click Setting works just link the Button Click Setting in that it applies counted conversions to <a> HTML elements, and will only work for such elements. Just like the Button Click Setting, it also counts conversions for any links that are clicked inside your popups.