Close/Open Popup and Create Cookie After Gravity Forms Submission

Popup Maker integrates directly with the GravityForms (GF) plugin to allow plugin users to set a browser cookie on form submit. The cookie prevents a popup that contains the form from displaying again after the form is successfully submitted. 

Follow these steps to set a Popup Maker 'Gravity Forms Success' cookie:

  1. Within the Popup Editor, scroll to the Popup Settings box;
  2. Select the 'Triggers' option tab; 
  3. Select the 'Triggers & Cookies' option category;
  4. Select the button labeled 'Add New Cookie'.   

The option settings box labeled 'When should your cookie be created?' will open. Select the drop-down menu options to view the cookie options. Select the 'Gravity Form Success' option and then select the 'Add' button to set the option. Follow the remaining prompts within the option settings box to either add or update the cookie option setting. 

Minimum Plugin Requirements to Integrate Popup Maker and Gravity Forms

Popup Maker version 1.6+

GravityForms version 2.1+

See the GravityForms Success Cookie in Action

The videos below use an older Popup Maker Admin interface ( before version 1.7+).  However, the process to set and link a trigger with a cookie remains the same in the current version of the plugin. The example videos below demonstrate the link between a trigger and a GravityForms Success cookie. 

Create a Cookie on Form Submit

Create a cookie just like you normally would, except the use the "Gravity Form Success" Cookie Creation Event, as shown in the below video:

Close a Popup on Form Submit

Access the "Close Popup" Action when you build your form inside the Gravity Forms module, as seen in the below video. If you want your users to see your "Success" message, make sure to set a delay (milliseconds) that is long enough so they can read it.

Open a Popup on Form Submit

Access the "Open Popup" Action when you build your form inside the Gravity Forms module, as seen in the below video: