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The Form Submission trigger is an event that processes data submitted to a form. Use this trigger when adding a Popup Maker subscription form or an integration-supported WordPress form to a popup. Use this trigger in combination with a Form Submission cookie to manage when to redisplay the popup after the embedded form is successfully submitted.

The current set of forms supported by Popup Maker is listed in the following article.

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How to Set a Trigger and Cookie in the Popup Editor

Popup triggers and cookies are set in the Popup Editor ‘Popup Settings’ box. The article links below describe how to add, edit, or delete a popup trigger and cookie.

Within the trigger article, refer to the following sections for information about the Form Submission trigger: 

  •     Add a New Trigger >> Default Plugin Triggers; and
  •     ‘Form Submission’ Trigger Settings >> ‘Form Submission — General’ option settings.

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Form Submission is One of 3 Default Triggers

The Form Submission trigger is one of the 3 triggers included with the free version of Popup Maker ( the other two being the Auto Open / Time Delay, and Click Open triggers ).

When used alone, this trigger will not display a popup in the browser. The intent of the trigger is to process data submitted from a form that integrates with Popup Maker.

The Form Submission trigger must be used in combination with another trigger that causes a popup to display, including: 

  • Auto Open / Time Delay (default trigger), 
  • Click Open (default trigger), 
  • Exit Intent (premium trigger), or 
  • Scroll trigger (premium trigger). 

The following screenshot: 

  1.  demonstrates the use of a Form Submission trigger used in combination with a Click Open trigger, and 
  2.  a cookie linked to both triggers.

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Backward Compatibility for Users of Ninja Forms, GravityForms, and Contact Form 7

Users of the Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, and Contact Form 7 plugins were previously advised to use a default trigger with a plugin-specific form submission success cookie, such as: 

That approach using those plugin-specific cookies remains valid, but will be deprecated in a future version of Popup Maker and eventually removed from the Popup Settings box. 

The form plugin cookie methods will continue to work in the Popup Maker version 1.x series, which will maintain backward compatibility.  The individual form plugin methods will removed from the plugin in Popup Maker version 2.0. Going forward, you should use the newer "Form Submission" option instead which works with all three of these form builder plugins and many others.

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