Trigger: Click Open -- Overview & Methods


The Click Open trigger is an event that displays a popup when a visitor clicks a targeted page element. The following page elements are available for targeting using this feature:
  • text links
  • buttons
  • navigation items;
  • text of any type, including titles, words, phrases, or paragraphs
  • graphics 
  • images
  • logos
  • icons 
  • any HTML element really!!!
The Click Open trigger is one of the 2 triggers included with the base (free) version of the Popup Maker plugin. The article link below provides additional detail on triggers, and the set of free and premium triggers available for Popup Maker. 
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How to Set a Trigger in the Popup Editor

Popup triggers are set in the Popup Editor Popup Settings box. The article link below describes how to add, edit, or delete a popup trigger. 
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Five Available Methods to Set a Click Open Trigger

Popup Maker provides 5 different methods to set a Click Open trigger. Select a link below to learn how to apply the trigger method.  The first 4 methods are most commonly used, and typically meet the needs of most users.
Method Number
   Trigger Method

   When to Use
1 Add Popup Maker Classes to Set a Trigger
  • Target content in a page, post, custom post type, or text widget. 
  • The site theme allows users to add additional HTML classes to a targeted page element.  
2 Add a Popup to a Navigation Menu Item
  • Target a navigation link
3 Use Existing or Custom Selectors to Set a Trigger
  • Target existing or custom HTML selectors within a site theme, including class, id, and link attributes. 
  • Target all or part of a URL within a link.
  • Apply this method when additional HTML classes cannot be added to a page element. This may include headers, footers, widget areas, or visual elements (images or graphics). 
4 Trigger a Popup from a Link URL
  • Target a link to display a popup. Add a popup ID ( '#popmake-{integer}' or '#popmake-{slug}' ) within an HTML link attribute ( <href> ) to set a popup trigger. 
  • Site theme must allow users to set a value for a link. 
5 Use jQuery to Trigger a Popup On Click
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