Trigger: Auto Open / Time Delay


Auto Open (also known as Time Delay) is a type of Trigger.

Once your time delay passes, the popup will be triggered and display on your website. You can set the time delay from 0-10000ms. You can also manually override the values as well, inputting any value you wish. Units of time are measured in milliseconds - 1000ms = 1 second.


Auto Open popups are a great way to promote your content or sales to the forefront of user attention. Engage and convert more users than ever using one of our most popular Triggers.

Setting Up an Auto Open Popup

Create the Trigger in the WP Admin

From the Popup Editor, scroll down and click Add Trigger under Triggers, then select Auto Open (also known as Time Delay) and click Add.

You will be presented with the settings for Auto Open.Simply drag the bar or type in the time to set the delay. Keep in the mind the unit of time, milliseconds.

Setup Your Cookie(s)

If you don’t have any cookies set up, it’s important to do that now so that your popups don’t repeatedly display and annoy your users, rendering your site unusable for them. Read the definitive  Cookies Doc for more information on how to setup your Cookie(s).

Once you’re done, click Add.

Test and Publish

Once your Cookie(s) are setup, you may also want to add Conditions. Now, your new Time Delay Popup is ready for a spin - go get ‘em!

You can even use multiple Time Delay popups on the same page to guide your users through their experience and present content in meaningful ways.

If you like, you can assign multiple Cookies for you popup, or one Cookie to multiple popups. For the complete documentation on how all of the Cookie settings work, check the  Cookies Doc. You can also learn about Using Triggers and Cookies Together.