Trigger: Auto Open / Time Delay


The Time Delay / Auto Open trigger is an event that displays a popup after a preset time starting from when a visitor first opens a post or page. 
The Time Delay / Auto Open trigger is one of the 2 triggers included with the base (free) version of the Popup Maker plugin. [ The second free trigger is the  Click Open trigger. ]  The article link below provides additional detail on triggers, and the set of free and premium triggers available for Popup Maker. 
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How to Set a Trigger in the Popup Editor

Popup triggers are set in the Popup Editor Popup Settings box. The article link below describes how to add, edit, or delete a popup trigger. 
Within the article, refer to the following sections: 
  • Add a New Trigger >> Default Plugin Triggers; and 
  • ‘Time Delay’ Trigger Settings >> ‘Time Delay — General’ option settings.
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