Popup Maker Integration with WordPress Form Builder Plugins


PUM version 1.9 adds a simplified API (application programming interface) that allows WordPress form builder plugins to integrate with Popup Maker.

A shortcode from a supported form builder plugin can be added to the popup editor and rendered inside a popup. A Form Submission trigger processes the data collected from the embedded form.  A Form Submission cookie manages when to redisplay the popup after successful form submission.

The Form Submission trigger and cookie should be used together whenever a supported form plugin is added to a popup. 

Form Plugins Supported by Popup Maker

Current native forms and form plugins supported by Popup Maker include:

Popup Maker will add integration support for more WordPress form plugins in future plugin releases. Please refer back to this document for the current list of form plugins that integrate with Popup Maker.

Triggers and Cookies

Form Submission Trigger

Triggers are events that occur in the browser based on visitor behavior. Forms supported by Popup Maker require setting a Form Submission trigger in order to process the data added to the form. See the following articles for an introduction to Popup Maker triggers and their use.

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Form Submission Cookie

Cookies control the repeat display of popups in the browser. Use a Form Submission cookie together with a trigger of the same name. See the following article for an introduction to Popup Maker cookies and their use.

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Close Popup Form on Form Submission

By default, a form that integrates with Popup Maker will not close when the form is submitted. To close a popup on form submission, open the popup editor and go to:

Popup Settings box >> Close tab >> Form Submission category.

Select the checkbox 'Close on Form Submission' to close the form when the form submit button is clicked.

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Confirmation Messages Following Form Submission

Popup Maker does not manage confirmation or success messages following successful form submission. Those message are set and managed from the plugin admin of whichever form plugin is used. 

Developer Docs for the Form Integration API

Please refer to our Developer Docs for additional information about the Form Integration API.
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