Video Popups Introduction


The Videos plugin extension to Popup Maker allows one to display a video inside a popup and set up the video player controls that visitors will see. To create a video popup, add the video URL into the Popup Editor, and open the Popup Settings box >> Videos option tab to configure the video player settings.

Add a Video URL to the Popup Editor

Once the Video Popups plugin extension is installed and activated, open the Popup Maker admin to create a video popup. From the Popup Maker >> All Popups admin page, either click the Add Popup link to create a new popup, or select an existing popup to edit.   

In the content editor of the Popup Editor page, copy and paste a video URL as shown in the image below.

Configure Plugin Settings 

Once a video URL is added to the editor, scroll down the page and locate the Popup Settings box. Select the Videos option tab to display the plugin option settings. See the article Video Popups Settings and Features for available settings, and plugin defaults. 

Complete the Remaining Popup Settings 

In the Popup Settings box, complete the popup setup by:  

  • selecting one or more triggers, 
  • accepting or modifying the popup targeting conditions, and 
  • controlling the repeat display of the popup with a cookie.

See the following related articles for guidance on each topic:

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In the editor, select either the Publish or Update button to save the changes to the popup. You now have a fully functioning, fully responsive, 100% customizable video and player inside of your popup.

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