The Popup Maker Admin Toolbar

In version 1.5, we added the Popup Maker Admin Toolbar. The toolbar has multiple uses, from assisting with debugging to getting CSS Selectors.

The Popup Maker Admin Toolbar has two main menu items, as seen in the screenshot above: Popups and Tools.


This menu item shows all of your published popups loaded on the current page. In the screenshot above, you can see we have three published popups loaded on the page: 

  • Thank You Popup, 
  • Login Popup, and 
  • Click Open Popup Subscribe.

If you're missing a popup in this list that should be there, then this means there is either a missing targeting condition, or an error that prevents it from loading.

To learn more about debugging and troubleshooting with the Popup Maker Admin Toolbar, check out our  'My Popup Won't Work - How Can I Fix It?'. Or, to check if you think you have an error that may be preventing the popup from loading, read our 'Is a JavaScript Error Breaking My Popup?'.

Hovering over one of your popups will bring up the Popups Sub Menu Items: Open Popup, Close Popup, Reset Cookies, and Edit Popup.

Open Popup

Clicking this menu item will open the selected popup. This is useful for debugging, or if you've created your popup, but haven't setup a trigger yet, but want to test the popup for yourself before creating the trigger.

Close Popup

Clicking this menu item will close the selected popup if it is already open.

Check Conditions

If your popup has any Advanced Targeting Conditions, then the Check Conditions Menu Item will appear - this also includes the basic Disable Popup On Mobile/Tablets Conditions.

Click the Check Conditions Menu Item will test the Conditions of the popup and display a prompt, notifying you if the Conditions passed or failed. Passed means the Conditions are true and the popup is available to be loaded. Failed means the Conditions aren't true and the popup is not loaded.

Reset Cookies

If you have some type of auto Trigger, such as Auto Open, Exit Intent, or Scroll that is using  Cookie(s), you can reset them at any time by clicking this menu item.

Edit Popup

This menu item redirects back to the Popup Editor within the WordPress Admin. It allows plugin users to access the editor interface.


Get Selector

Hovering over the Tools Menu Item will display the Get Selector Tool, as seen below:

To read more about this Tool, check out our Getting CSS Selectors Doc.


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