Popups Admin Bar Cheat Sheet

When you hover over the Popup Maker Admin Bar, you'll see the following menu items:

  • Popups
  • All Popups
  • Create New Popup
  • Tools

Let's go over each one.

Next to the Popups menu is a popup counter. The popup counter tells you how many popups Popup Maker sees on the page you're on.

Hovering over  Popups brings up a submenu that shows all the popups on your page. I.e., that list has all the popups that can display on the page you're on. 

Note: Just because a popup is loaded on a page doesn't mean it will pop up (display). You still need to add a trigger to any popup you want to show.

If there's a popup missing, it means that the popup was * not* loaded on the page. You might've forgotten to publish the popup or there's a targeting condition that's stopping it from loading on the page.

If you're having trouble getting your popup to load or display on a post or page, head over to our Troubleshooting Your First Popup guide.

In the screen capture below, Popup Maker sees the following 5 popups on the page.

  • General Test Popup
  • RC: Load a GF form with no CSS selector
  • RC: Load a GF forum using a CSS selector
  • Popup Maker Opt-in Form Success
  • RC: Load a GF form using an iFrame

There are 4 actions you can do for each popup in the Popups submenu. Let's cover those now.

For each popup listed in the Popups submenu, you can do the following:

  • Open Popup: Opens the popup.
  • Close Popup: Closes the popup.
  • Reset Cookies: Deletes any browser cookies the popup created. This is great for retesting the popup. You'll see a success message after the popup's cookies are cleaned out.
  • Edit Popup: Loads the popup editor page for the popup.

Above: The 4 things you can do to your popup from the admin bar.

Clicking on All Popups brings you to the main Popup Maker admin page.

This is a quick link for creating a new popup. Clicking on it brings up the popup editor page with a new (blank) popup.

Hovering over the Tools submenu shows options to Flush Popup Cache and Get Selector.

Above: The prompt for clicking on an item to get the selector.

Above: The selector for what you clicked on.

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