Why Is My Popup Showing in the Footer of My Site?


One or all of your popups are showing in the footer of your site, and most, if not all, styles are broken within the popups. This may also include broken Close Buttons as well.


This is most likely caused by an optimization or minification issue caused by an optimization or minification WordPress plugin that your site is using.

Solution #1

Replace, disable or deactivate your minification or optimization plugin.

Solution #2

Most minification and/or optimization plugins offer a way to exclude certain directories within your website from being optimized and minified. Excluding the Popup Maker directory from being optimized/minified will most likely solve this problem.

Look into your specific optimization/minification plugin documentation to learn how to use their functionality to do so.

Solution #3

Copy the Popup Maker Core Styles and Custom Popup Themes Styles to your theme's stylesheet and disable them from loading the traditional way.

  1. Navigate to Popup Maker -> Settings -> Assets Tab.
  2. Disable the Core Stylesheet, Custom Popup Theme Styles and Google Fonts (optional).
  3. Just below that is a button that displays the Core Stylesheet and Custom Popup Themes Styles. Copy/paste it to your own stylesheets.