My Popup Close Button Doesn't Work Right - How Can I Fix It?

Problem Description

The popup close button doesn't close the popup when clicked. Related symptoms may include:

  • The close button flashes or disappears when clicked.
  • The close button doesn't appear at all.
  • The close button appears for an instant and then disappears.

Likely Cause

The site theme CSS styles are loading before the Popup Maker plugin CSS styles. 

Recommended Solution

Copy and paste the plugin CSS styles to your theme's stylesheet, and then disable the plugin styles from loading. This second step is necessary to prevent the Popup Maker CSS from loading twice.

The plugin has two sets of CSS styles: core and popup theme styles. The popup theme styles can be copied entirely or in part. If you only intend to use specific popup themes on your site and want to limit the amount of CSS that loads on the target site, then copy and paste only the plugin theme styles needed for your project.

Once the plugin styles are transferred, disable the Popup Maker CSS styles from loading by selecting the labeled checkboxes in the plugin admin. Read the related article below for how to find and manage the Popup Maker core and popup theme styles. 

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