My Popup Close Button Doesn't Work Right - How Can I Fix It?


Everything within your popups works fine, except your Close Button doesn't close the popup when you click it. This issue may also be accompanied by the Close Button "flashing" or disappearing when you click it - or perhaps the Close Button doesn't appear at all, or it only appears momentarily.


This behavior is typically caused by your Theme styles loading before our popup styles.


Copy the Popup Maker Core Styles and Custom Popup Themes Styles to your theme's stylesheet and disable them from loading the traditional way.

  1. Navigate to Popup Maker -> Settings -> Assets Tab.
  2. Disable the Core Stylesheet, Custom Popup Theme Styles and Google Fonts (optional).
  3. Just below that is a button that displays the Core Stylesheet and Custom Popup Themes Styles. Copy/paste it to your own stylesheets.