Does Popup Maker Support Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Our plugin preloads the HTML for a popup on whichever page it's activated. The plugin activates popups in the page footer based on a set of targeting conditions set within the Popup Editor (see settings within the 'Popup Settings' box -> 'Targeting' option tab).  By default, a popup will activate (preload) on every page of a site unless you specify either a set of content-based and/or non-content-based conditions to target the popup activation.
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Activated popups provide supporting information about the primary content displayed on a given page. A popup itself cannot be accessed in the browser from the URL ( for example,{slug-name-of-my-popup} ). With the release of Popup Maker version 1.7+, the 'popup' post type was set to 'private'. Any URL that refers to that post type will return an error message that the page cannot be found. 
Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc.) can scan and index hidden content preloaded on a page, such as the HTML used to generate a popup overlay layer and content container. The exception to this is remote content loaded into a popup container. 
That content is located from a source remote (external) to the page on which the popup container is preloaded. Remote popup content is loaded on demand, so it won't be available when the page is scanned by the search engine.  
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