MailChimp Integration — Plugin Introduction


This article briefly describes the features added to Popup Maker upon activation of the  MailChimp Integration plugin extension

Plugin Features Added by Section

Popup Maker 'Settings' Admin

'Subscriptions -- MailChimp' option page

Upon activation, the plugin extension changes the default option page at 'Settings' -> 'Subscriptions' and renames it to the 'General' option category. The plugin adds a second option category page at 'Settings' -> 'Subscriptions' -> 'MailChimp'

On this page, plugin users can: 

  1. Link a MailChimp account to Popup Maker by adding a MailChimp API Key.
  2. Check the API key's connection to Popup Maker.
  3. Refresh (update) the MailChimp account data served to Popup Maker and the plugin's subscription form shortcode.  The data may include: 
    1. list ID and name (required),
    2. interest groups (optional), and
    3. automation trigger events (optional).
  4. Set or disable double opt-in for MailChimp list subscribers.

'Subscriptions -- General' option page

On the 'General' option category page, the first menu option labeled 'Default Newsletter Provider' changes from 'None' to 'MailChimp'.

On this page, plugin users can change the default message for each message type used by the Popup Maker subscription form: 

    1. Success message;
    2. Empty email message;
    3. Invalid email message;
    4. Error message;
    5. Already subscribed message;
    6. Consent required message; and
    7. Double opt-in success message.

Popup Editor

In the Editor, plugin users can:

1. Use the Popup Maker shortcode button (1) to create or edit a subscription form popup (2).

2. Use the ‘Subscription Form’ box to set and edit the shortcode attributes.

 3. Preview the subscription form on the Editor's 'Visual' tab while setting up the shortcode.

4. Inspect the form shortcode attributes on the Editor's 'Text' tab. 

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