MailChimp Integration — Plugin Option Settings


From the WP Admin, access via: 

'Popup Maker' -> 'Settings' -> 'Subscriptions (tab)' -> 'MailChimp (category)'.

The Popup Maker option settings for the MailChimp Integration plugin. On this page, plugin users can: 

  1. Link a MailChimp account to Popup Maker
    1. Get a MailChimp API Key from MailChimp
    2. Create a MailChimp API Key (if none exists)
    3. Copy the API Key and Paste it into the Popup Maker Settings
  2. Check the validity of the MailChimp API Key;
  3. Refresh the MailChimp account data sent from MailChimp to Popup Maker; and
  4. Set the double opt-in feature for subscription forms linked to a MailChimp account.

From the WP Admin, access via: 

'Popup Maker' -> 'Settings' -> 'Subscriptions (tab)' -> 'General (category)'.

The Popup Maker option settings for a Newsletter provider and popup subscription form. On this page, plugin users can: 

  1. Set a default newsletter subscriber for a popup subscription form -- By default, the MailChimp Integration plugin extension sets this option to 'MailChimp'.
  2. View and edit the default messages for the Popup Maker subscription form -- These same messages are used by the MailChimp Integration plugin. They include:
    1. Success message;
    2. Empty email message;
    3. Invalid email message;
    4. Error message;
    5. Already subscribed message;
    6. Consent required message; and
    7. Double opt-in success message.

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Link a MailChimp account with a Popup Maker subscription form using  the MailChimp account API key.  Copy the key from MailChimp and paste it into the MailChimp API Key option field. 

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Get a MailChimp API Key from MailChimp

To get your MailChimp API Key:

  1. Open a new browser window or tab and navigate to MailChimp.
  2. Log into your MailChimp account.
  3. Click in the top right corner on your username and click Account as pictured below:

Once on the Account page, click Extras, then click API Keys as pictured below:

Once you are on the API Keys page, scroll down until you reach the Your API Keys Section as pictured below:

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Create a MailChimp API Key (if none exists)

If your MailChimp account does not contain an API key, the table labeled 'Your API Keys' table will likely be empty. Click the 'Create A Key' button below the table. Once the page refreshes, a new API key will display under the 'API Key' column.

Copy the API Key and Paste It into the Popup Maker Settings

  1. Copy the entire MailChimp API key.
  2. In a separate browser tab, navigate to 'Popup Maker' -> 'Settings' -> 'Subscriptions (tab)' -> 'MailChimp (catagory)'. 
  3. Paste the MailChimp API key into the field labeled 'MailChimp API Key'.

Check the validity of the MailChimp API Key

Check that the key is valid by selecting the 'Check' button, as shown above. A green check mark indicates the API key is good, and the MailChimp account is linked to Popup Maker.

Once a valid API key is entered, select the 'SAVE' button to update the page settings. 

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Refresh the MailChimp Account Data sent to Popup Maker

MailChimp account data sent to Popup Maker via the MailChimp API key can be updated by selecting the 'Refresh' button. The following MailChimp account data can be updated in Popup Maker:

  1. list ID, 
  2. list name,
  3. interest groups*, and
  4. automation trigger events*.

* = These items must already be set up in the target MailChimp account to be sent.

When the 'Refresh' button is selected, Popup Maker calls the MailChimp account via the API key. An animation of 2 rotating arrows will display during the data update. When the API call is complete and the plugin data is refreshed, a check mark will appear next to the button label (see image above). 

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Set the Double Opt-in Feature for Subscription Forms Linked to a MailChimp Account

Plugin users can enable 'double opt-in' in their popup subscription forms by choosing the 'Enable' menu option.  Visitors who subscribe via a popup form receive an email in which they must confirm their subscription intent. 

By default, this feature is turned 'off' (set to 'disable'). Turn the feature 'on' by selecting 'enable'. 

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