Trigger: Click Open -- Trigger a Popup from a Link URL

This is the fourth of 5 articles that describe Click Open trigger-setting methods.


This method sets a Click Open trigger by adding the Popup Maker ID ( for example, '#popmake-123' ) inside an HTML 'href' attribute on a link tag.

Note: While the easiest method to trigger a popup, some themes target all "#" type links. These themes then take over the click event for our link. This means the popup will not trigger. If your site uses one of these types of themes, this method will not work for you.

Example Usage

View the source on GitHub.

You can find your popup's ID under the CSS Class column on the Popup Maker All Popups page.

From the column, select either the HTML class 'popmake-{integer}' or 'popmake-{slug}' for the popup intended for use. Add the '#' symbol before the class name. The class will now be compiled as an HTML ID.

Popup Maker will automatically add a 'pum-trigger' class to the link, which sets the trigger. Be sure to activate the post or page on which the trigger is set (see: 'Targeting' option settings ). When the link is clicked, the popup will trigger and display.

Aside: The Popup Maker ID can also be used to set a Click Open trigger on a navigation menu item. See the article link below for details. 
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