Trigger: Exit Intent - Methods

Popup Maker's exit intent trigger offers multiple optional methods.

Each of the following methods is available when adding an exit intent trigger to your popup
* Use these with a cookie to prevent annoying your users.
(m) Mobile compatible
(d) Desktop compatible

  • Mouse Leave (d)  - This method detects when the user moves their mouse outside of the top edge of the browser window, generally towards the address bar, back button or close button.
  • Lost Browser Focus (d)(m) - This detects when the user clicks outside of the browser window, change tabs or switch to another application.
  • Back Button (d)(m) - This captures an attempt to click the back button one time and triggers a popup, a second click and the user will continue to the previous page. Optionally continue back when they close the popup.

  • Link Click (d)(m) - This works on the principles used in optimization tools like Google Quicklink or that before a user clicks on a link, they hover their mouse over that link, when a user has hovered for 65 ms there is a 50% chance that they will click on that link. We detects that a user is about to click a link and triggers a popup just before they do.

    You can optionally target Internal or external links, as well as provide a custom CSS selector to target specific ones only.
  • Time Delay (m) - This is a simple time delay fallback specifically for mobile devices. When the other methods don't fit your mobile users flow, this is a classic time tested solution.
  • Mobile Scroll (m) - This trigger detects when mobile users quickly scroll up  >10% of the page, after first scrolling down. This typically indicates they are about to leave or navigate away.
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