How to Send Popup Stats to Google Analytics

Before you start, make sure you have your Universal Analytics (UA) Tracking ID from Google. Your tracking ID will have a UA prefix (e.g., UA-).

Note: Popup Analytics only supports Universal Analytics at the time of writing. 

From your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Popup Maker > Settings > Extensions > 

Check Enable Google Analytics Tracking?

Enter your UA Tracking ID in the Enter your GA Tracking ID. field.

Click Save.

That's it. Your popups will now send open, close, and conversion stats to your Google Analytics UA property.

You might need to wait up to 48 hours to see stats in your Google Analytics reports. So, don't panic if you don't see them right away.

Remember, not all of your visitors want their actions tracked. That means they can use analytics blockers or opt out of analytics browser cookies. When that happens, their popup events may never reach your reports.

If you need more help, visit the Google Analytics support page or reach out to our support team.

Popup Maker lets you change the default popup event fields ( Category, ActionLabel, and Value) that show up in your Google Analytics report. Enter the text you want for each field.

For example, if you change  Category to "Popup Maker", you'll see "Popup Maker" in your Event Category report.

If you add a "PUM" prefix to your  Action fields, you'll see the "PUM" prefix in your Event Action report.

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