Trigger: Exit Prevention Introduction


Exit Prevention is a type of trigger, for more information on triggers, visit our documentation on triggers. This is a trigger that comes as a part of the Exit Intent Extension.

Exit Prevention means your users, when leaving a page, will be interrupted and prompted with an alert confirming that they want to leave the website with a customizable message. Although you can’t customize the appearance of this confirmation box, upon clicking cancel (staying on your site), your Exit Intent Popup will appear.

For Exit Intent technology, read that doc  here.

Important Note: While Popup Maker offers a field to customize your prompt message in the Exit Prevention Prompt, some browsers no longer allow this functionality. So while there will be a prompted popup, it may contain a message that doesn't relate to your use case. Unfortunately, there's simply nothing we can do to combat these changes to how some browsers work.


Exit Prevention was specifically created with the sole purpose of providing Mobile Device users with some form of a popup when they attempt to exit a page or site since these users don't have a cursor we can detect.

But, Exit Prevention also fits well with creating confirmations, alerts, and warnings if users try to leave a page or did not input data (even though it may not be required to proceed,) and you want to grab their attention forthwith.


If you would like to explore the functionality of Exit Prevention, check out our  Exit Prevention (part of Exit Intent) examples page.


From the Popup Editor, scroll down and click Add Trigger under the Triggers Pane, then select Exit Prevention and click add.

Exit Prevention Settings

General Settings

Prompt Message


At this point, you’re really going all out to grab the user’s attention, so create a powerful message that will impress your user and engage their call to action. Important Note: This functionality is not compatible with all browsers.

  • You can customize the message to meet your guidelines or serve a specific purpose. Using this in an administrative, data collection type way can help you get more information and opt-ins.


If you don’t have any cookies set up, it’s important to do that now so that your popups don’t repeatedly trigger and annoy your users, rendering your site unusable for them. Visit our Cookies Documentation for more information on this process.


After you have assigned your popup a cookie, you’re good to go. Once you’re done, click add.

Once you've finalized your settings and added your Exit Prevention Trigger, find it in the Triggers Pane. You can change the settings at any time by clicking the edit button (pencil) in the Triggers Pane.

Publish and Done

Check your site or test site to make sure everything is working to your liking, and that’s all there is to it. Good luck and go forth posthaste!