Trigger: Exit Intent Introduction


Exit Intent is a type of trigger, for more information on triggers, visit our documentation on triggers. To own your own exit intent, visit the Exit Intent Extension Page.

Exit Intent Popups use our detection technology to open a popup at the exact moment a user is about to leave your site by detecting when their cursor exits the body of your website at the top.

For Exit Prevention technology, read that doc  here.


Exit Intent is great for enticing abandoning users to opt-in or even buy a product!


If you would like to explore the functionality of Exit Intent, check out our  Exit Intent examples page. For help on creating high conversion popups, check out this article.


From the Popup Editor, scroll down and click Add Trigger under the Triggers Pane, then select Exit Intent and click add.

Exit Intent Settings

General Settings

Simply drag the bars or type in the value to adjust the settings. Keep in the mind the units of measurement for time and pixels, "px" and milliseconds, respectively. Note: 1000ms = 1 second.

Top Sensitivity


This defines the distance from the top of the browser window where the user’s mouse movement is detected. How close do you want the user’s cursor to get to that border before the popup is opened?

  • We recommend sticking with the default 10px Top Sensitivity, but you can adjust this for doing specialized popups or testing.

False Positive Delay


This defines the time delay for recognizing and preventing false positives.

If the user’s cursor exits then re-enters the browser window in time, then the popup will not trigger, which reduces false positives such as those when they move to the main menu.

  • It’s a fine line between too much delay and not enough, but we recommend sticking with the default time delay until you know what works best for you.

If you set the value too high, and they close the window before the delay passes, they will never see your popup.


If you don’t have any cookies set up, it’s important to do that now so that your popups don’t repeatedly trigger and annoy your users, rendering your site unusable for them. Visit our Cookies Documentation for more information on this process.


After you have assigned your popup a cookie, you’re good to go. Once you’re done, click add.

Once you've finalized your settings and added your Exit Intent Trigger, find it in the Triggers Pane. You can change the settings at any time by clicking the edit button (pencil) in the Triggers Pane.

Publish and Done

Check your site or test site to make sure everything is working to your liking, and that’s all there is to it. Good luck and godspeed!