Why Won't My Popup Work With My Mobile Menu?

If you have a popup attached to a Main Menu Item that is working fine on desktops, but isn't working at all on mobile devices and/or with your Mobile Menu, then this Troubleshooting Doc will help you solve the issue.

Solution #1

The most likely cause is that your theme has duplicated your Main Menu to create a mobile version. The theme makers then hide the desktop version on mobile screens. This is a pretty common practice, but what is not common, or correct, is that some theme makers strip out the classes and other customizations you've added via the WordPress Menu Editor.

If this is the case, then you will want to use a Custom CSS Selector in your Click Trigger to target that Menu Item to trigger the popup.

For instructions on this process, check out Method #2 in our Click Trigger Doc.

For help on getting CSS Selectors, check out our  Getting CSS Selectors Doc.

Solution #2

If you're using the link method to trigger your popup on the Menu Item (e.g. "#popupmake-123"), then replace that link with a valid link - to a Contact Us Page, for example. This has two benefits: (1) this makes a nice fallback if the user doesn't have JavaScript enabled and (2) it's beneficial for SEO.

In some situations, it's necessary that "#" not be in the linked Menu Item because, in some themes, it prevents our on click events from working properly.

To make the popup trigger on click of your Menu Item, instead of forwarding to the link you've inputted, use Method #1 in our  Open a Popup from a WordPress Nav Menu Doc.

If you have troubles using this method because some of your  Menu Editor Functions are being overwritten by Popup Maker, then you can use Method #3 instead.

Solution #3 for UberMenu Users

Use the UberMenu special element “ Custom Content“, then add <a> tag, and use the "#popupmake-123" as the link.