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This article describes two specific use cases of Popup Maker that require specific settings. The plugin provides an alternative (and simplified) solution to the use of non-AJAX enabled forms added to popups. 

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Disable Automatic Popup Display After Non-AJAX Form Submission

By default, WordPress-based plugins that submit form data without the use of AJAX ( 'asynchonous JavaScript and XML') typically reopen a popup in the browser soon after a form is submitted. To allow plugin users to prevent that behavior, a plugin option was added to the Popup Settings box under the 'Advanced' option tab.

By default, the option is turned 'off' (disabled). When the checkbox is turned 'on' (enabled), Popup Maker will prevent the automatic re-triggering (and re-opening) of a popup that contains a  non-AJAX enabled form after the form data is submitted. 

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An alternative to non-AJAX enabled forms is to use a WordPress AJAX-enabled form plugin that integrates with Popup Maker. See the following:

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Disable Accessibility Features

Visually impaired visitors can use the tab key on their keyboard to navigate a web page link-by-link moving from top to bottom.  The tab focus is designed to work on links, form input fields, and buttons inside a popup. 

There is a specific popup setup when this tab focus did not work. That use case is now fixed in Popup Maker.  

Select this feature whenever the following popup settings are set up in the Popup Settings box: 

1)  Location: Bottom Right ( see 'Popup Settings' >> 'Display' >> 'Position' ); and 

2)  Disable Overlay: Checked ( see  'Popup Settings' >> 'Display' >> 'Advanced' ). 

3)  Select the checkbox labeled 'Disable accessibility features' ( see  'Popup Settings' >> 'Advanced'  ).

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