Your Popup Is Not Displaying on Your Homepage (or Another Page)

Problem Description #

You have a popup that isn't displaying on one of your pages like your homepage. But you see that same popup display fine on other pages.

You know that it's not a cookie issue, but cause you've cleared out your browser's cookies or don't have a cookie setup for your popup.

On top of that, the whole page freezes when the popup doesn't display. So you can't scroll or click on anything on that page.

Likely Causes #

There are 2 likely causes for a popup not displaying on a particular page but showing up on others.

  1. There could be a CSS conflict on that page.
  2. The trigger conditions for your popup might be telling that popup not to display on that page.

Solution 1: Override the CSS Conflict #

This solution works best when:

  • Another plugin, your theme, or some custom code causes a CSS conflict with Popup Maker, but you have no idea which it is
  • You know it's not a cookie, cache, or targeting issue
  • Your popup has an overlay, and your page freezes when the popup is supposed to appear

To override the conflict, add the following CSS code to your site.

	.pum-overlay.pum-active {
    		display: block !important;

You can add custom CSS to your WordPress site by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from your WordPress admin area. Learn other ways to add CSS in our Getting Started with Custom CSS guide.

Save Changes and Clear Your Caches #

Make sure you save your CSS changes and flush your WordPress caches.

Then, reload the page that's having the issue. 

If it's still not working, try adding this line of CSS under the display: block !important; line.

	opacity: 1 !important; /* Add this line if needed. */

Then, retest.

You can view the full CSS source code on GitHub.

Solution 2: Check Your Popup's Targeting Conditions #

If the first solution didn't work and you're not experiencing the page freeze effect, it's time to check your popup's Targeting Conditions. Follow these steps.

  1. Edit your popup.
  2. Scroll down to the Popup Settings under the popup editor.
  3. Click on the Targeting side tab.
  4. Check your conditions to make sure there's nothing excluding the pages you want your popup to display on.

One common targeting mistake is to add a targeting condition that will never get satisfied. Here's an example. 

Let's say you have the following:

  • You have a homepage and a separate shop page. These two pages are not the same.
  • You have a targeting condition that tells the popup to display if the page you're on is the Home Page AND the Shop Page

Since your homepage and your shop page are two different pages (i.e., not the same page), your  AND condition will never happen. So, your popup will never show.

To fix that, you can do the following:

  • Remove the AND condition. 
  • Add an OR condition instead. 

The OR condition tells the popup to display if the page you're on is the Home Page OR the Shop Page. Now, you'll see your popup if you're on the home page or the shop page!

Home Page OR Shop Page Targeting Condition

The other option is to keep your original condition but make your homepage be the same as your shop page.

See our Targeting Options help guide to learn more about popup targeting conditions.

Are You Still Seeing the Issue? #

Did you remember to save your changes and clear your caches?

If you're still seeing the issue, there could be other things going on. See our related docs below.

Explore our Resources page or send us a help request if you'd like our experts to have a look!

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