Age Verification Triggers Setup

Age Verification Trigger

Once you have your age verification popup content setup to your liking, you must then make sure the popup opens automatically by setting up the Age Verification Trigger. This Trigger will be automatically added to your Trigger list when you install and activate the Age Verification Extension.

Don't forget to also setup your  Age Verification Cookies so that you will have a fully functionalair-tight, age restricted setup for your site.

By design, the Age Verification Trigger is essentially an Auto Open Trigger with the Close Button Disabled - the Trigger doesn't have any specific features itself. Simply one click setup.

As you can see in the screenshot above, there is a Cookie attached to the Trigger. Check out our Age Verification Cookies Doc to learn more about setting up Cookies for Age Verification Modals.

If you don't setup an Age Verification Cookie, then your users will get spammed with your Age Verification popup, even after they've verified your age - a sure-fire way to lose users fast.

Failed Aged Redirect Trigger

When a user fails to enter an appropriate age or they hit the exit button, we can use the Failed Age Redirect Trigger to keep them from accessing the site if they decide to come back and try again ( until the cookie expires).

From the  Popup Editor, click Add New Trigger:

Redirect URL

If the user fails to meet the age requirements, and attempts to return your site, they will now be forwarded back to the Redirect URL of your choosing.

If they return again, they will continue to be forwarded, over and over, until the cookie expires ( requires Cookie setup). This is a must-have feature on your Age Verification popup if you want an air-tight solution that will keep under-qualified users from accessing your site.

The Two Trigger Setup

After adding the Age Verification Trigger and the Failed Aged Redirect Trigger, your Trigger Pane in the Popup Editor should look something like this - this will assure you have a solid setup so that unapproved users will be continuously forwarded to the Exit URL of your choosing:

As you can see in the screenshot above, there are two different Cookies, one for each Trigger. To make sure everything works seamlessly, if you haven't already, we must now   setup the Age Verification Cookies properly. Notice how in the screen shot above, we have two different Cookie names for each Trigger - this is very important to make sure both Triggers work as intended.

If you do not setup the Failed Age Redirect Cookie, and the user decided to come back to the site and try again, they will be forwarded to the Exit URL   indefinitely - until the end of the time. This functionality was enabled when we created the Failed Age Redirect Trigger in the first place.

You can choose to leave this as is, but inevitably, the user will be of age, and may want to return to your site when they do become of age. For this reason, we need to create the Failed Age Redirect Cookie that will reset the Failed Age Redirect, so that eventually, when the user is of age, he or she will have another chance to verify their age.

Learn how to  setup your Age Verification Cookies.

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