Age Verification Cookies Setup

This doc is going to focus on setting up the Cookies for your Age Verification Popup.

Don't forget to also setup your  Age Verification Triggers so that you will have a fully functionalair-tight, age restricted setup for your site.

Age Verification Cookie Creation Events

To make sure our Age Verification Popups are behaving properly, we must setup Cookies that will control the popup in a proper way.

From the  Popup Editor, click Add New Cookie:

When you install and activate Age Verification Popups Extension, there will be three new Cookie Creation Events added to your Cookie Creation Menu when you click Add New Cookie: Age Verified, Age Verification Failed, and Age Verification Lockout.

Age Verified Cookie

The Age Verified Cookie is going to work in tandem with the Age Verification Trigger. We want to create the Cookie using the Age Verified Event as seen above. This means: (1) users will not be able to access your site or page(s) until they verify an appropriate age, and (2) users will not be spammed with the popup once they do verify their age.

Always make sure your Cookie Names match up between the Cookie itself   and the Trigger. In this case, the Cookie Name is pum-21, so our Trigger has the cookie name pum-21 attached to it, as seen in the screenshot below:

At this point, once users verify an appropriate age, they will no longer trigger the Age Verification popup, and if the user fails to verify an appropriate age, they will be forwarded to an Exit URL that is inputted when you create the Age Verification Trigger.

However, if users decide to come back to your site, they will trigger the Age Verification popup again, and will have another opportunity to verify their age. If you do not want to give users another chance to verify their age once they've failed, then we can setup the Failed Age Redirect Trigger that will continuously forward users to the Exit URL if they've failed to verify their age.

If you haven't already, you can learn more about how to  setup a Failed Age Redirect Trigger.

The Other Two: Failed Age Redirect Cookies

Once you've setup your Failed Age Redirect Trigger, you'll now need to setup the Failed Age Redirect Cookie.

The Failed Age Redirect Cookie is a Cookie that will continue to forward your users to the Exit URL you setup in the Failed Age Redirect Trigger, until the Cookie expires. This Cookie works in tandem with the Failed Age Redirect Trigger.

If you don't create a Failed Age Redirect Cookie, then if someone fails your age test, they will continue to be forwarded to the Exit URL until the end of time - all users will become of age at some point so you should definitely set this Cookie up.  Inside the Popup Editor 'Popup Settings' box, open the 'Triggers' option tab, and click on the 'Add New Cookie' button.

The Failed Age Redirect Cookie Creation Event comes in two forms - which one you'll choose depends on which Type of Age Verification Form you're working with (Birthdate or Enter/Exit) and if you're using the Lockout Feature or not.

Age Verification Lockout Cookie

Only use this Cookie Creation Event when you have chosen the Birthdate Type AND have the Enable Lockout feature checked. When you attach this Cookie to the Failed Age Redirect Trigger, and once the user gets locked out, the user will be automatically redirected to the Exit URL until the cookie expires.

To reiterate, without the Failed Age Redirect Cookie, if the user decided to come back to the site and try again, they will be forwarded to the Exit URL   indefinitely - until the end of the time.

Age Verification Failed Cookie

If you decided  NOT TO USE the Enable Lockout feature with the Birthdate Type, then you should choose the Age Verification Failed Cookie Creation Event instead. Similarly, if you chose the Enter/Exit Type, you would also use the Age Verification Failed cookie creation event.

Final Setup

No matter which Cookie Creation Events you go with, make sure your Cookie Name is attached to the Trigger using that Cookie Name as seen in the screenshot below. 

If you've been following the  Age Verification Docs from the top, then, at this point, we should have two Triggers, both with their own individual Cookies assigned to them, and this is what your setup should look like in the Popup Editor when it's all said and done:

Notice how the Age Verified Trigger Cookie Name matches up the Age Verified Cookie, and the Failed Age Redirect Trigger Cookie Name matches up with the Age Verification Lockout Cookie.

This ensures a rock solid, air tight setup for your safety and the user's protection!

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