Age Verification Introduction

This is an introduction to our Age Verification Modals Extension. There are many links herein that will allow you to dive further into all of the features and settings of this expansive extension.

If you're not interested in learning the ins-and-outs of the extension, then you may be interested in our  Age Verification Modals: Quick Start Guide.

Creating Age Verification Forms

Create your Age Verification Forms from the Popup Editor using the Popup Maker Shortcode Button and clicking Age Verification Form. You can see this process in action in the following video - if you want to read more technical stuff about the Age Verification Shortcode and arguments, read  this doc, or check the related articles at the bottom of the page:

Keep in mind that the Age Verification Shortcodes will create the Age Verification Forms and buttons for you automatically, but beyond that, it is up to you to create your own message to the user explaining your age requirements that best suits your needs.

Creating or editing a Age Verification Form will show the Settings Window, which includes the General Settings, Appearance Settings, and Label Settings.

Form General Features and Settings

The General Settings of the Age Verification Form includes Form Type (Birthdate or Enter/Exit), Exit URL, Required Age, and more.  Learn more.

Form Appearance Features and Settings

Form Appearance Settings determine what your Age Verification Form looks like on the front of your site.  Learn more.

Form Label Features and Settings

Each part of the Age Verification Form has a Label. These settings allow you to control the Labels.  Learn more.

Creating Age Verification Triggers

The Age Verification Trigger acts like a beefier version of the Auto Open Trigger without a Close Button - this is the bread and butter of Age Verification Modals. To make it perfect, we've also included the Failed Age Redirect Trigger.  Learn more about both of these Triggers.

Creating Age Verification Cookies

These specifically designed Cookie Creation Events (Age Verified, Age Verification Failed, and Age Verification Lockout) are made to work in tandem with the Age Verification Triggers above. They give your site the absolute, rock solid security you are required to have. Never leave home without them.  Learn more all three Age Verification Cookie Creation Events.

Age Verification Modals: Introduction


The Age Verification Modals (AVM) plugin extension to Popup Maker allows users to add an age verification form to a popup. The plugin allows users to add either type of age verification form: 
  • a set of enter / exit buttons; or 
  • a birth date input form. 
Users must add their own content to the popup to place either age verification form in context.
The enter / exit buttons require visitors to acknowledge that they meet the minimum required age to view the page or site content. The birth date form requires visitors to submit their birth date. Visitors that select the exit button, or who enter a birth date less than the required age are directed away from the page on which the popup appears.  Plugin users have the option to redirect visitors to another page internal to the site or an external URL ( also known as an 'Exit URL' ).

Plugin Shortcode, Triggers, and Cookies

The plugin extension enables a shortcode, an additional triggers and cookies in the Popup Editor.  The age verification forms are set in the popup with an Age Verification Form shortcode. 
Two triggers manage the display of each popup:  Age Verification and Failed Age Redirect. The Age Verification trigger manages the popup display, while the Failed Age Redirect trigger manages visitor redirection away from the page on which the popup appears. 
Three cookies control repeat popup display and site access for return visitors. The cookies include: 
  • Age Verified;
  • Age Verification Failed; and 
  • Age Verification Lockout. 
Cookie selection depends on the options selected within the Age Verification Form shortcode. Each popup trigger must be linked to a cookie to manage repeated popup display and return visitor access to the site. 

Recommended Plugin Setup Order

Configure the AVM plugin in the following order: 
1. Set the shortcode in the Popup Editor;
2. Set the triggers in the Popup Settings box (located below the content editor).
3. Set the cookies in the Popup Settings box. 

Related Articles

Refer to the related articles below for guidance on the setup of the plugin shortcode, triggers, and cookies.

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