Popup Theme Editor Introduction

Create or Edit a Theme

Now that your popup is working, take the time and care to customize a special theme for it that fits perfectly with your existing fonts and colors!

To create a Theme follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Popup Maker > Popup Themes.

  2. Popup Maker comes with six pre-built themes pictured above. You can choose a theme to edit, or click Add New. Clicking Add New brings up our Popup Theme Editor.
  3. Before we dive into each Theme Editor Pane, first give your theme a name.

  4. Notice the Theme Preview Pane on the right side column - each change you make will be reflected in the this preview.
    1. Pro Tip: You can have the Theme Preview Pane stick and "follow" you as you scroll through each pane and setting by click-holding and dragging the pane to the bottom of the right side column so that it's below the Publish Pane. In the screen shot above, it's picture above the Publish Pane so it won't follow.
    2. Pro Tip #2: You can now click on any element of the Popup Preview and it will now scroll to that pane and setting, automatically expanding the pane if necessary - nice time saver so you don't have to scroll through all of the settings.
  5. Now that you've been introduced to the Popup Maker Theme Editor, you can now customize each section of your popup to suit your needs. Reveal all of the settings for each section by expanding the following panes: Overlay Settings PaneContainer Settings PaneTitle Settings PaneContent Settings Pane, and Close Settings Pane.
  6. Once you're happy with your Theme, save and publish and refresh your site to view the changes. Don't forget to attach your Theme to your Popup via the Themes Pane in the Popup Editor.

Extra Resources

If you would like to use background images in styling any or all elements of your popups, check out our  Advanced Theme Builder Extensions.