My Popup Won't Work - How Can I Fix It?


Use the Popup Maker debug tools to evaluate the status of your popup. Follow the steps in this article to systematically identify and eliminate possible root causes that may interfere with the display of a popup. 

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Use the Plugin Debug Tools to Inspect a Popup

If your popup does not trigger on your website, activate the plugin debug tools to evaluate your popup settings on the browser's Console tab.  

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From the table of contents in the related article listed above, go to:  

  • 6.  Settings >> 
  • C.  'Misc' (miscellaneous) option tab >> 
  • i.  'Misc' option category >> 
  • b.  'Enable Debug Mode'

Debug mode can be activated in one of two ways: 

  1. from the plugin Admin, OR
  2. in the browser address bar. 

The debug tools allow users to inspect the settings of each popup set to 'published' on your site.  If activated from the plugin Admin, turn off 'debug mode' when finished. 

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Does The Popup Display from the WordPress Admin Toolbar?

At the front of your site, the WordPress Admin Toolbar contains a link labeled 'Popup Maker'. This feature lists all published popups and allows one to manually open and close popups.

Refer to the related article link below to learn more about this feature.

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As an example, assume that 2 popups are published on a site: 

1) 'Special Offer Popup', and 

2) 'Email Signup Popup'. 

When both popups are set to 'published', they should both appear in the popup list within the Admin Toolbar. In the screenshot above, only one of the two popups is listed.  Check the publication status of the second popup in order to view it in the browser.

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Solution #1 -- Check the publication status and set to 'published'. 

Popups that are not set to a 'Published' status will not be listed in either the Admin toolbar or the browser Console tab while debug tools are active. Change the popup status to 'published' to activate them for display. 

In the following related article, go to: 

  • Section 1.  All Popups >> 
  • On Hover, Edit Options Appear Beneath Popup Name >> 
  • b. Quick Edit

for guidance on how to check and change the publication status of a popup. 

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Solution #2 -- Check the Popup Conditions in the Popup Editor

Popup targeting conditions  prepare a popup to display by preloading them in the browser window on page load.  If a popup loads within the browser, it is available to display based on the trigger type assigned to it.  In the Popup Editor, go to 'Popup Settings' (box) >> 'Targeting' (tab) and inspect the targeting conditions set for the popup. 

If no conditions are set, by default the plugin will activate a popup to appear on every page and post of a site. If conditions are set, check that the popup conditions apply to the page or post being inspected at the front of the site.  

The easiest way to resolve targeting conditions that may interfere with the display of a popup is to remove all conditions (restore plugin default). Then add back one set of conditions at a time, and use the toolbar to check that the popup displays on a given page or post. 

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Solution #3 -- Check the Popup Trigger from the WP Admin Toolbar

Assume that the popup is published, and it's conditions are set to load the popup in the browser. From the Popup Maker Admin Toolbar, are you able to manually trigger the popup? 

Visit the front of the site, and select the 'Popup Maker' option in the Admin toolbar. Select:

'Popup Maker' >> 'Popups' >> {name-of-popup} >> 'Open Popup'. 

If the popup displays in the browser, but otherwise does not open as expected, check the popup trigger setting in the Popup Editor.  

The popup does not display as expected either because: 

  • no trigger was set on the popup, OR
  • the trigger was not correctly set.   

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Solution #4 -- Check the Site Theme to Ensure That 'wp_footer()' is Loading

The WordPress function `wp_footer()` contains the hook 'wp_footer()', from which JS scripts are registered and load within the browser.  If that function is missing within a theme from the loaded page or page template, Popup Maker cannot load it's JS scripts. If the scripts do not load in the browser, a popup cannot activate on a page. Hence, it will not display even if the conditions and trigger are set. 

One clue that the 'wp_footer()' function is missing is that WordPress Admin Toolbar does not display on the front-end. [Login to the site as 'Admin', then visit the front of the site to verify this.]  Restoring the template or template component that contains 'wp_footer()' should restore popups on a site.

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Solution #5 -- Check for JavaScript Errors

If the first 4 solutions above do not resolve the problem, AND the popup does not appear in the browser Console when debug mode is active, then a JavaScript (JS) error is the likely source of the problem

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