My Popup Won't Work - How Can I Fix It?

Using the Debugger Tools In Popup Maker

If your popup isn't triggering on your website, we can use the debug tools to find a solution.

Is Your Popup Missing (i.e. Not Loading)?

Is your popup appearing under the Popups Menu in the WordPress Admin Bar on the front end of your site?

In the following screen shot, we are missing a popup, as there should be two popups shown, instead of just one:

Solution #1: Popup Conditions

If your popup(s) aren't showing up under the drop down, then the popup code is not loading on the page at all. This usually means you have Conditions setup on your popup preventing the popup from loading. Removing any Conditions will likely fix the issue.

Solution #2: Publish Your Popup

Any popups that do not have "Published" status will not appear in the Debugger drop down. Make sure your popups have a status of Published.

Solution #3: No wp_footer

It's possible that you could be missing the wp_footer component of your WordPress on this page/template. Although, if this is the case, you wouldn't be able to see the admin bar either. Getting the wp_footer component back on your site should solve this issue.

Solution #4: JavaScript Error

If your popup is Published, has no Conditions, and you have a wp_footer component, but the popup still isn't loading in the Debugger, then this is likely a JavaScript error on your site. Read our  Doc on JavaScript Errors to learn more.

Can You Manually Trigger the Popup?

Are you able to trigger the popup by clicking Open Popup?

When hovering over the popup in question, clicking Open Popup in the sub-menu should trigger the popup on your site.

If you're able to trigger the popup using the Debugger, but the popup won't trigger otherwise, then this means you're likely missing a Trigger. Adding a Trigger will likely fix the issue.

If you're popup is not triggering even when you click Open Popup, then this is likely a JavaScript Error on your site. Read our  Doc on JavaScript Errors.